Our Pages Ltd's Commission Payments Button.

A 'Commission Payments' button to activate the on-line commission payment procedure can be used by both Customers, who have created a web site using Our Pages Ltd's editable templates and Affiliates promoting Our Pages Ltd's Personal Domain Service from their own web sites; both of whom will be eligible to receive commission earned from introducing new customers to Our Pages Ltd's Personal Domain Service from their web sites.

The 'Commission Payments' button is accessed by Customers via their Administration Controls and by Affiliates via their Commission Records. On those pages, Customers and Affiliates will also be able to view the status of their referrals, which is instantly updated when their newly introduced customer subscribes to use Our Pages Ltd's Personal Domain Service. They will also be able to see when commission can be claimed in respect of their introductions.

Commissions are paid via PayPal's Mass Payments Service.
Click on paypal's mass payments for information.
Affiliates can make money promoting our Editable WebSites.
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